WeatherTime Screensaver Plugin for Slimserver

Upgrade your network music player to a weather station now! Get the free WeatherTime Screensaver Plugin for Slimserver - brought to you by GL Networks Inside.

WeatherTime is a screensaver to show graphical weather forecasts along with the current date and time on Slim Devices great network music players SLIMP3 and Squeezebox. It is a intended replacement for the standard DateTime screensaver.

Neat Features

  • fetches weather data online from Wunderground.Com
  • displays graphical icons for weather conditions along with weather data
  • supports both metric and imperial units
  • supports English, German, French (contributed by Daniel Born) and Dutch (contributed by Willem Oepkes and Mark Ruys) menus and weather infomation
WeatherTime screenshot current conditions...
WeatherTime screenshot forecast...


  • For the 7.x series of Squeezecenter download WeatherTime 2.2.1 (zip) and visit the project's page on Googlecode for further instructions.
  • For the 6.5 series of Slimserver download WeatherTime 1.9.5 (zip)
  • Extract the archive into the 'Plugins' directory of your Slimserver installation
  • Restart Slimserver
  • Activate the plugin and set up the WeatherTime options in Slimserver's plugin settings
  • Activate WeatherTime as a screensaver for off-mode and/or on inactivity in your player settings. The easiest way to do this is the SlimServer web frontend (Player settings).

Hints and Tips

  • You can browse through the weather forecasts of the coming days with the up and down arrows on your remote.
  • You can manually start (e.g. not enabling it as a screensaver) WeatherTime from the Plugin menu of your player - press PLAY.
  • To avoid truncation of the date and time information, choose short display formats in Slimserver's Server Settings -> Formatting. Even shorter date formats are available in WeatherTime's plugin settings. You may also choose not to display the date at all.
  • Report issues and seek solutions at the Slim Devices Plugins Forum WeatherTime thread

Restrictions & Known Bugs

  • Needs a Squeezebox2 or better to show weather condition icons and detailed info, the SLIMP3 and SqueezeboxG devices will show text only information
  • Truncation of weather condition texts may occur occasionally for rather long texts