Microformats have arrived in Firefox 1.5 / Greasemonkey 0.6

When I first heard about Microformats, I immediately was convinced that they are the way to go within the Semantic Web. There just were no practical tools around to display and use them within my browser, which happens to be a recent Firefox on Linux. Well, there is microformat-find-gm5, based on the work of David Janes, now. Get it while it's hot!


On Web pages you will often find references to individuals, locations and calendar dates. Microformats are a way to embed these (and other) content elements within a webpage, so a machine can read and process them. This is what the microformat-find-gm5 scripts does. It looks for supported Microformats on a Web page, tags them with little images having a context menu to provide useful functions for the given content. That might be 'Add to address book' or 'Add to Calendar', 'Show on Google Maps' and so on. More and more webpages and blogs are using Microformats, so look out for these little tags...

hCard tag

Download and Installation

References to other Microformat tools