Ext JS and Rails, how do they get along?

The Ext JS framework got a lot of attention lately as it offers very sophisticated GUI components for web application development. But how does Ext play along with Ruby on Rails, everybody's favorite development framework?

There is not a lot of documentation around, though some people seem to be using the combo quite successfully (if you take job posts looking for Rails and Ext skills into account).

Googling reveals some Rails plugins aiming at Ext integration, but a closer look exposes them as mostly "vaporware", abandoned experiments or as not being actively developed.

RailsExt.pngFor my talk on Ext at the Berlin Ruby Users Group, I decided to roll my own. The presentation focuses on Rails scaffolding as a good starting point for playing with Ext. The biggest integration task from a Rails point of view is providing the correct JSON data structures that Ext can process - a task that can be solved in a re-usable way. Passing data around between Rails controllers and views and the actual JavaScript code is another focal point. Download the complete set of slides here.

The presentation features a preview version of my Ext Scaffold Generator, soon to be announced as a official Rails plugin.

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